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April 28, 2018
The Bomb Factory
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Tabetha Prince
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Judas Priest - Judas Priest, Saxon, Black Star Riders

Metal Gods Return!

If you were “Hell Bent for Leather” on Saturday, The Bomb Factory was definitely the place to be. With three astounding legendary metal bands, Dallas felt the “Heavy Metal Thunder”! As The Bomb Factory’s capacity is 4300, it felt like more than 10,000 fans were in attendance.

Metal Gods Return! Photos by Michael Insuaste

Black Star Riders kick off the evening with “All Hell Breaks Loose”. Could this be an indication of how the evening was to go? Well it certainly ramped up the anxious crowd. Staying true to the Thin Lizzy vibe, they then went into “Jailbreak”. I don’t care who you are, this tune is always a hit with fans. As the men jammed through their rockin’ 11 song setlist, it is safe to say that Black Star Riders will always be “Bound for Glory”.

Metal Gods Return! Photos by Michael Insuaste

Saxon dressed in their “Denim and Leather” thrills our Dallas natives as they thrust into “Thunderbolt” the self-titled track from their February 2018 release.  As the British Heavy Metal Gods steamed to mid-set, “They Played Rock and Roll”, which pays a great deal of honor and respect for Lemmy and Motorhead! What a killer tune! Saxon always delivers a phenomenal set in which this show was no exception with hits from the 80s like “Wheels of Steel”. In closing they bestowed upon us “This Town Rocks”. I’m certain this song was written about Dallas. Giggle Giggle. What a true statement song for the final, “Heavy Metal Thunder”. I mean with lyrics like “You’re hoping to fly, Holding your hands to the sky, In a blue sea of denim, Checkin’ the band, With your banners and scarves held on high”, well that’s just metal…mate!

Metal Gods Return! Photos by Michael Insuaste

Judas Priest waiting back stage as Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” begins to play. The fans don’t miss a word as they sing along. The anticipation is high as we all wait for Priest the Beast to hit the stage. These pioneers of metal come out full force with the newest release “Firepower”! The sheer power of the crowd forging closer and closer to the stage... the hair, the sweat, the beer soaked patrons of metal were “Running Wild”! Without a doubt Priest’s 16 song set brought us hit after hit!... and what do you know? A 3 song encore that included “Metal Gods”, “Breaking the Law” and “Living After Midnight” with none other than the infamous Glenn Tipton!  Holy shit! What a jaw dropping show!

Metal Gods Return! Photos by Michael Insuaste

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