JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

September 23, 2010
Superpages.com Center
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Charley Wiles
Photos by Joel Winburne

The Black Keys

Ohio's finest garage band shook Dallas last night

Akron, Ohio's finest garage band shook Dallas last night. The Black Keys casually walked on stage and were quick to inform the crowd that they were not Kings of Leon, but rather Dan and Patrick; the audience was fine with that.

Starting off strong with a few tracks from their 2008 album, Attack and Release, I couldn't have been happier. The audience was digging their sound and energy, not realizing that it was only two people on stage creating the massive wall of gritty, down and dirty rock 'n' roll. Dan Auerbach's soulful voice through distorted microphones, and his saturated fuzz guitar was a great complement to Patrick Carney's enormous, boomy drum beats, together creating a distinctively raw sound unlike that of opening band The Whigs or headliner Kings of Leon.

The band brought on two more musicians, a bassist and keyboardist, to showcase some new tunes from their 2010 release Brothers. "Everlasting Light", opening track on the record and T-Rex tribute, was the first song by the, now four-piece, band. From the pluck of the first notes and the thin, gritty falsetto sung by Auerbach, the crowd roared with excitement. "Alright, alright, let's keep moving right along," were the words spoken moments before the band launched into their latest single, "Next Girl", one of my personal favorites. During their short set of new songs, no matter that they were jammed into a small space together, seemingly in the way of each other, their added backup musicians really did a great job of rounding out the sound.

The four-piece shrunk back down to a two-piece after the selected tracks from Brothers had been played, which left them no choice but to play some old favorites such as "Your Touch", from the Magic Potion LP. I didn't want it to be true, but I knew their short, opener-set had to come to an end soon. To the audience's delight, the band went out with "I Got Mine", one of their hardest hitting jams, but not before it was extended several minutes by a psychedelic breakdown from Pat and Dan.

They thanked the Kings and the crew for their time on the tour, and then they were gone. The sound was good, the lights were good, the band was really good, and the energy was everywhere. My guess is, the Black Keys' down and dirty set completely took all of the metrosexual, gender neutral, Kings of Leon fans by surprise, and left them petrified - even if it was only a 45 minute set.