JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

January 7, 2011
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Tim Taylor
Photos by Travis Tutwiler

Alter Bridge

It's good to be Myles Kennedy these days. Not only is he singing for Slash on his tour with Ozzy Osbourne, but he has a hit song and album with Alter Bridge, who stopped at Trees in Dallas to play for a way oversold house. Packed in like sardines, the opening notes of "Slip to the Void" drove the crowd into a frenzy that lasted the duration of the show, while Kennedy and guitarist Mark Tremonti competed for the spotlight. The surprise of the night was how well Myles Kennedy played his guitar. When trading off solos, he consistently impressed us by keeping up with the underrated Tremonti, and during the best song of the night, 2007's "Blackbird", the two of them reached sonic perfection.

Kennedy's voice is truly one of rock's finest these days, and he never misses a note. He did, however, forget some lyrics, and he paid someone in the audience ten dollars to help him remember. It was a comical twist to a powerful night of music. The show closed with an encore consisting of their current single, "Isolation" and "Rise Today" with a guitar duel wedged between them. They left the tired mob satisfied and hopeful that this band is the main focus of Tremonti, Kennedy, and company. Alter Bridge have monster potential, and it would be a shame to see it all go to waste to make room for more half-hearted Creed albums and tours.