JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

January 18, 2012
House of Blues - Orlando
Lake Buena Vista, FL USA
Review by Brittany Fornof
Photos by Nick Masuda

Electric Touch

Just a Touch Electric

“We all fall like dominoes...dominoes,” sang lead vocalist Shane Lawlor, stomping back and forth on stage, letting his metallic button up shirt fly open and exposing his black tank underneath.

Either influenced by Lawlor’s British heritage or the whimsical nature of their personalities, the band has the fashion sense of a 1960’s pop rock band with their vested chests, gloved hands, and mopped heads of hair. But this alternative pop rock band has a musical flare fitting for the 21st century.

Performing "Magnetic" and "Do It Again" from their Don't Stop-EP, the band's set was less of a theatrical spectacle and more like the delivery of a solid string of well-performed songs. Their performance was neither ostentatious nor gaudy, but the execution itself was impeccable. Electric Touch has the mellowness and skill of an experienced, aged group, but the vigor and charisma of a young one.

Despite their amusing rendition of The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction," the band will best be remembered by their performance of "Don't Stop." Tinting the song with his thick accent, Lawlor spun around and kicked his heels into the air as curly-haired guitarist Christopher Leigh knelt to the front of the stage.

"The night I saw you on the dark dance floor/ It was a picture that I can't ignore/ Said I would die if I can't have yaa," sang Lawlor. "No no, don't stop doing what you do to me."

The sound shifted as the band broke away from the chorus and into the bride. "Whooa oh it aint enough," sang Lawlor, looking down toward the crowd and shifting to a more relaxed stance.

Drummer Louis Messina Jr. quickened the pace on his drums as the song came to an end .The audience cheered and the British-American fusion band left the stage.