JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

January 20, 2012
Warehouse Live
Houston, TX USA
Review by Michael Victorick
Photos by Michael Victorick


On January 20 the Roadrunner Label act Trivium came out on the stage at the Warehouse Live in Houston, TX and screamed “Our job is to make sure you guys are warmed up and ready to go for the dudes in In Flames.” Those were the words that came out of singer/guitar player Matt Heafy’s mouth. By the looks of the crowd’s reaction during the hour long set that is exactly what they did!

The guys in Trivium in support of their 2011 release In Waves and started the show off with intro and title track of the album. Both guitarist (Matt Heafy & Corey Beaulieu) and bassist (Paolo Gregoletto) moved all across the stage making sure that if you were on the left you got a piece of the action and if you were on the right you got a piece of the action. While Heafy carried most of the vocal duties, Beaulieu and Paolo also participated in. All the different harmonies between the three of them were on point and fantastic.

This was the first time for most of the Houston crowd to get a piece of the newest addition to the band, drummer Nick Augusto was tight with his feet and made the songs look effortless.

The band’s show was an over all success for sure! They covered songs from the most 4 recent albums (Ascendency, Crusade, Shogun, In Waves) and did so with amazing musicianship and over all amazing performance! Make sure to check out the website and see if they are coming to a town near you.