JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

March 4, 2012
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Trey Campbell
Photos by Trey Campbell



Shinedown's Brent Smith and guitarist Zach Myers flew into Dallas Sunday, March 4 to perform a special afternoon concert for 97.1 The Eagle. Several contest winners were treated to a private acoustic set at Trees in Deep Ellum. Smith and Myers played a six-song set that included "Sound of Madness", "If You Only Knew", "45", "Second Chance" and "Simply Man." Smith and Myers ended their set with their current chart-topping hit, "Bully", the lead single from Shinedown's new album, Amaryllis. The album will be released March 27, 2012 which coincides with the beginning of the band's headlining Avalanche tour in Anaheim, California.

The most memorable part of the show for the Dallas crowd was Smith recalling the time he met Pantera's Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott in Kansas City. At the time, Shinedown was a relatively unknown regional act, but that didn't matter to Abbott, said the vocalist. He described what a great man the musician was and dedicated "Simple Man" to his memory. Smith's vocals soared throughout his tribute to the legendary guitarist and had the crowd mesmerized. After the show, Smith and Myers did a brief meet and greet with those in attendance. The Avalanche tour will play the House of Blues in Houston on April 5, and the House of Blues in Dallas, April 6.