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A Magical Night At The Majestic Theatre
Lindsey Buckingham December 9, 2021 The Majestic Theatre Photos by Andy Laudano

Singer, songwriter and ex Fleetwood Mac guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham brings early Christmas joy to The Majestic Theatre in downtown Dallas. Supporting his recent new LP, I Dont Mind on Rhino Records, his 2 hour set was filled with many new songs and many familiar hits from his long 45 year career.

The long awaited show finally arrived with much fan anticipation to an almost full house. Lindsey began the show with "Not Too Late" a soft little diddy to warm up the crowd and right into "In Our Own Time". A slow start but I think everyone knew what to expect. Make no doubt, Buckingham is on tour to perform his new tunes. But as the stellar artist he is, Lindsey came packed with a fist full of Mac hits in his pocket.

With the first half of the concert primarily new material, LB brought out a classic "Never Going Back Again" that definitely lifted the vibe in the house. Followed by another big hit "Big Love" off of Fleetwood Macs 1987 LP Tango In The Night. At this point the show has hit the highlight of the night. Or has it?

His voice was strong and his fingers were loose. Many would say Lindsey is an okay guitarist, but watching him live on stage, he really shines with impeccable guitar solos that are as smooth as southern pie on a hot summer day. At 72, the dude can still play like the master musician his is known for. His guitar of choice, his go to Rick Turner Model 1-C-LB guitar and his Taylor 814ce. He left the classic Fender electric to the hired hand.

With little fan fair, subtle lighting or stage production, the band played on with a clear sound and almost flawless performance. Introducing his new LP "I DonT Mind" Lindsey was very happy to be on tour and at the Majestic Theatre to share his new music. Even providing a glimpse of hope and a positive outlook looking back at the past two years.

Reaching the end of the evening, Buckingham performs a few more Mac classics "Second Hand News", "Tusk" and what probably was the biggest enjoyable song of the night "Go Your Own Way" that had most of the audience on their feet.

With a short break, Lindsey and company return back to close the show with a few soft numbers "Love Is Here To Stay" and finishing off with "Time". A very somber ending to what was a truly magical night at what is a fabulous live vintage venue, The Majestic Theatre. If you have never been to this historic venue you are missing out!

A shout out to new comer, Oregon-born, Utah-based Sammy Brue, a young solo artist who opened the show to a very surprising Texas crowd. His short 25 minute set left the audience somewhat amazed with his simplistic songs and guitar, but exit the stage with a warm Texas embrace. Good job young man!

Lindsey Buckingham
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Author: Michael Insuaste
Photographer: Andy Laudano
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