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Chicago Blues Rocks Aurora
Melody AngelThe Venue Aurora, IL January 28, 2023 Photo by David Haig

It was a typical snowy January evening in Northern Illinois when Chicago Blues sensation Melody Angel took the stage at The Venue in Aurora. This rising young talent, with a radiant smile, a personality that could charm the devil himself with axe in hand went to work with the spirit of so many influential blues icons echoing from her Stratocaster. She began her set with "WHO CARES" then into "I LET YOU LIE" from her SHE BLACK CD, followed by exceptional tune "A WOMANS BLUES" from her 2018 CD of the same title. Melody worked though a number of Jimi Hendrix renditions "RED HOUSE", "PURPLE HAZE", "HEY JOE" with a passion Jimi himself would have been proud to have witnessed.

One of her charms between her intense performances be it original or tasteful covers of her favorite guitar hero's is her infectious and honest to her core smile and a near shy and sincere story telling about her music and or her mother who was in the wings filming and handling merchandise. One can't help but cheer this young very gifted lady on. The story of driving mama crazy playing a tennis racket in the living room with a string for a guitar cord had the crowd and even the drummer laughing to the point he had to gather himself for the next tune.

Melody did a great rendition of the Bill Withers classic "AIN'T NO SUNSHINE" with deep emotion and passion. The band played two sets with no opening act which was a good three hour show. Set two filled with more Jimi Hendrix offerings "MACHINE GUN", "ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER" and "FIRE" another crowd pleaser.

The Venue GM Sarah Garcia was thrilled about this booking and in a world saturated in tribute bands, she spoke at length on the vision of presenting music such as Melody Angel, and in the recent past outstanding acts like Daniel Nicole Band and Steepwater to name a few. This was a fine example of putting on another great showcase.

Melody Angel
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Author & Photographer: David Haig
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