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Don't Fear The Preacher
Metonic The Priest Independent Review by Jeff Dennis

There is a lot of heavy metal fruit hanging from the local original metal tree these days, only problem is there is not a whole bunch I want to pick at!Metonic, the 4 pc. traditional metal band from DFW however is one I do prefer. Their 7-tune disc, The Priest, which came out a couple months ago is a smorgasbord of riffs and old school vocals and is a headbangers delight.

The first song, "The Priest" reels you in instantly with the catchy and NWOBHM style vocals and chorus while track 2, "Rise Up" has one of the best opening riffs I have heard in a while and I actually had to pull over while driving from headbanging so hard. Lead Vocalist/Lead Guitarist, Rich Stafford (Ex-Iron Jaw) also shines on "Hell Hounds" and "Deceiver" while the other lead guitarist, Hazer Hilliard rips on every song as well along with bass player, Derek Allen and drummer, Joe Miranda who all together form a very powerful groove on tunes like "High" and "Live Fast."

If you like your metal "old school" with riffs and leads and timeless vocals, then give these guys a shot as I want to say they sound like a heavier Diamond Head? See them at a venue near you or hit the band up for a disc!

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Author & Photographer: Jeff Dennis
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