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Hurricane Strauss Hits Dallas, Leaves Fans Flapping In The Wind
Nita Strauss Amplified Live November 12, 2021 Photos by Michell Johnson

What can you say about metal darling Nita "Hurricane" Strauss? She puts on a great show and knows her way around her signature Ibanez Guitars. On a chilly November night, she played live on the outdoor stage at Amplified Live in Dallas, TX. But Nita was HOT! Let's just say the stage was heated up and electrified from the first guitar note. The fans loved every minute and she never stopped giving them what they wanted! Known to hit the stage with a bang, Nita doesn't disappoint and will wear you out with the continuing leads that seem to fly flawlessly from her fingers. Her guitar magic takes you on a smooth roller coaster ride with no bumps.

Nita got her start in Los Angeles, CA where she played lead in the "Iron Maidens", a female tribute to Iron Maiden. This got the attention of the music industry exec's and soon was picked to play a role in the touring Alice Cooper band. Now she is taking a break from the Cooper show to showcase her band on a national tour as a solo artists. Her first full length was an "instrumental" piece named "Controlled Chaos". A definite thumbs up for her very eloquently designed melodic phrases that melt faces. This heavy metal chick is beautifully humble and gracious to her fans. She mugs for the camera while she shreds all over the necks of her signature "hurricane" guitars. You can buy these specialty Benz beauties in black and blonde or the new grey and slate blues.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nita and asked her, "How old were you when you got your first Benz?" She told me she was 21 years old. Now she is a representative for Ibanez Guitars and sometimes comes through Dallas for guitar seminars. She told the crowd that she loved playing Dallas. Following that, the band paid tribute to Alice Cooper with "Feed My Frankenstein" and a Queen number to the late Freddy Mercurys "The Show Must Go On". She thanked the crowd and gave them a taste of a new tune in the works. We will all be waiting to hear more from Nita Strauss and a new recording project in the coming year.

Nita Strauss
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Author & Photographer: Michelle Johnson
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