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Phantogram Electrify's The Factory
Phantogram Electrify's The Bomb Factory! Photos by Metal Dave Media

An almost sold out crowd gathered for the electronic New York duo known as Phantogram to perform at The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum and on all days, Friday the 13th. Phantogram formed in 2007 consisting of founding members Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter.

Lines wrapped around the venue as opening act Bob Moses warmed the crowd up. Gotta get their early to see the openers at the BF. Phantogram has recently released two new singles this year respectively titled "Into Happiness" and Mister Impossible".

Their set list started with a song known as "News Today" which seem to be more of a warm up track than a full song. Sarah and Josh began the song behind a white sheet that reflects faces and shadows as they performed. The second track was the crowd pleaser "Black Out Days" from their second album "Voices". The crowd moved their arms back and forth as Sarah nailed each vocal complimented by Josh's beautiful guitar work.

Following that, they continued on a string of crowd favorites like "You Don't Get Me High Anymore"and "Fall In Love" which the audience chanted so loud that you could barely hear Sarah's own voice over the PA speakers. The night ended with "When I'm Small" which is a definitive Phantogram track if there ever was one and the Dallas crowd seemed more than pleased. An amazing show, Phantogram never seems to disappoint.

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Author & Photographer: Metal Dave Media
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