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Up All Night, Sleep All Day
Up All Night, Sleep All Day! Photos by Michelle Johnson

Remember when using a can of strong hairspray every few days is just a part of the scene? Remember the party metal hairband generation came up from the sunset strip in Hollywood California? Slaughter hailing originally from Las Vegas Nevada emerged as true Rock stars when so many bands were fighting it out to have their claim of fame.

They were a struggling hairband at an epic time in rock n roll history during 1985 - 89 Slaughter is a great original band and they had the right sound back then and longevity that is still relevant in the music scene today. Kudos to the band members on tour worldwide. With over 5 million records sold and 30 years of rock n roll glory do you have to catch their live show as they make their way to your town in 2020.

On slaughters current tour they pass through Fort Worth Texas and played a sold out show at the rail club live. The fog machine was on overload and the stage was filled with smoke as the band made an entrance. It was a mysterious intro and seemed like a dream as the silhouettes moved closer to the front monitors.

A stunning Mark Slaughter played his heart out and hit all the piercing high notes like the highly regarded pro he is. The band had a solid performance. They did their huge hit "Up All Night" and Mark busted out his candy apple red 12 string for a trip down memory lane for "Fly to the Angels". A high point of the show was when the band pulled a cover out of their repertoire and played Black Sabbath "War Pigs"!

The crowd sang along happily and couldnt have been more pleased with the courtesy of the band to have a meet and greet. The guys patiently had photos taken with their longtime bands, signed autographs and listen to the stories shared about yesteryear.

"Hey Slaughter! Texas loves you!"

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Author & Photographer: Michelle Johnson
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