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The Grand Illusion Sails On
Styx Levitt Pavilion October 16, 2021 Photos by Terry Walsh

Classic iconic seventies rock band Styx brought their never ending road show to the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington, Texas Saturday night for a packed, enthusiastic crowd. Touring behind their solid new album, Crash Of The Crown, Styx delivered an energetic show rivaling bands half their age.

In today's world, with a lot of classic rock bands who have stopped playing new music altogether, opting to trot out the familiar hits year after year, Styx has stepped up with new music. How do fans find their new favorite song if they dont hear it? "Come Sail Away" wasnt a beloved classic the day it was released. People had to hear it to their credit, Styx played several songs from their new release including the title track and "Save Us From Ourselves," both of which fit right in with the older album cuts.

Its easy to see why Styx shows no signs of slowing down. Why should they? They still bring out their best musically and vocally. More importantly, lightweight ballads like "Babe" and "The Best of Times" were benched in favor of meatier songs such as "Light Up." Their only misstep was wasting valuable encore real estate with "Mr. Roboto", a song that is hit or miss with most long-time fans. Guitar heavy and crunchy as this version was, its still "Mr. Roboto." A loud and heavy "Renegade" quickly restored order, ending the show on a high note and sending the Styx diehards and first timers home happy.

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Author & Photographer: Terry Walsh
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