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SOLD OUT Night at The Dallas HOB
Tesla / Kurt Deimer House of Blues St. Dallas, TX September 9, 2022 Photo by Calvin Mims

It was a sold-out show at the Dallas House of Blues when Tesla brought their Let's Get Real 2022 tour to town.

But before Tesla would take the stage, fans were treated to a very unique and entertaining set from Kurt Deimer. If you've never seen or heard of Kurt before, he has a style all his own. First of all, he pretty much talks through the verses of each song. That's followed with a nice big, catchy chorus that sticks in your head. Then he hits you with his secret weapon - current Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X comes in with a killer solo! Deimer is a charismatic frontman and his songs and lyrics give off a positive message. Highlights included "Whatcha Sayin," the recent single "Hero" and a truly original cover of Pink Floyd's "Have A Cigar."

After a short set change, Tesla came out all gun's blazing, opening the show with "Modern Day Cowboy." From there they took the sold-out crowd on a musical journey through their 36-year career. Fans were treated to all the big hits they came to see, combined with some great deep cuts and even a couple of brand-new songs. Tesla is a band known for their live performances and they show no sign of slowing down.

Singer Jeff Keith still sounds amazing and looks like he found the fountain of youth. He and his band mates, guitarists Frank Hannon and Dave Rude, bassist Brian Wheat and newest member, drummer Steve Brown appeared to be having the time of their lives onstage. Especially Brown, who never stopped smiling throughout the set. Brown, the younger brother of legendary Dokken drummer "Wild" Mick Brown, did a fantastic job and really seemed to fit in well with the rest of the band.

The only downside to seeing a band like Tesla is that with so many great songs and albums in their catalog, it is impossible to hear everything you want in one set! They still did their best to work in as many as they could in the time they had and give the people what they wanted. Highlights included getting to hear "Changes" and "Little Suzi" from the first album again, "Miles Away" from the highly underrated Into the Now album, which really gave Hannon a chance to cut loose on guitar and the theremin, and another rarely played song, "Lazy Days, Crazy Nights." The band would send everyone home happy after a rousing rendition of "Signs" to end yet another great show from a great band.

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Author: Andy Laudano
Photographer: Calvin Mims
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