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Revisiting Led Zeppelin's Historic Concert Stop On Its 50th Anniversary

Dallas is well-known for outstanding tribute bands and one of the best is The Battle Of Evermore, a Led Zeppelin tribute band known for performing Zeppelin songs note for note. With its outstanding singer and tremendous musicians, TBOE makes the great songs come alive again.

On a hot evening after a blistering afternoon, the large crowd at the beautiful Legacy Hall was ready for "Rock And Roll" and sang along with the refrain. Vocalist Trees Marie was in excellent voice and hit every note and every movement that turned Robert Plant into the "Golden God" many years ago. As he did all night long, Griffin Tucker made the guitar an extension of his soul and Trees was spot on when she called him "Jimmy Page, Jr."

The group played the entire setlist of the 1973-filmed movie, The Song Remains The Same, and did extensive preparation by not only playing the music, but capturing all the words and mannerisms during the film. Every song was a Greatest Hit as with "Over The Hills And Far Away," with Tucker's solo showing his extreme talent and his energetic movements that made his presentation "music for the eyes."

Local legend and bad-ass bassist Patrick Smith and drummer Matt Mabe shined at appropriate times and always kept a solid backbeat, especially for "The Song Remains The Same." Tucker's great work on "No Quarter" stirred the crowd and his energy was contagious throughout the evening. Trees Marie used her powerful voice as another instrument for the all-time classic "Stairway To Heaven" and danced happily during Tucker's talented guitar part. The beautiful and talented redhead showed that she feels every note of the music in her soul.

Mabe shined and showed out when he went Gonzo on "Moby Dick," a drum solo that lasted several minutes. He seamlessly transitioned from drumsticks to using his hands and back to playing with drumsticks, for which he received a well-earned ovation. The whole band was still playing with pure energy for the last song, "Whole Lotta Love." Griffin again showed his A-game while Marie matched the documentary word for word. The encore of "The Ocean" was a perfect ending with jams, solos, power-laden vocals and excellent instrumentation. It was a fantastic show as attested by the huge round of applause.

The four band members are excellent within the band, as well as other groups in which they play.

Tucker, also guitarist for Classless Act, a national band that has been opening for Def Leppard and Motley Crue, is a guitar force and will be relevant for quite some time. Matt Mabe has the beat and showmanship that fans want to see. Badass Patrick Smith is a fan favorite every time he plays. His bass licks and well-known hair whipping are always great additions. Trees Marie is a powerful vocalist who feels the lyrics and the music in her soul and expresses it with boundless energy.

Make sure you see The Battle Of Evermore whenever they play.

The Battle Of Evermore
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Author: David Simers
Photographer: Will Crews
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