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Korean K-Pop Takes Cowtown By Storm
Twice Dickies Arena February 22, 2022 Photos by Fabien Castro

Is not a secret that many of us have been exposed lately to large scale Korean Productions such as "Parasite" which won 4 Academy Awards including best movie and best director, the "Squid Games" that many watched on Netflix last year, (seems to be the most watched show on Netflix ever) and the new "All Of Us Are Dead" a great Zombie show that was recently released in late January 2022. Korean music has also become a worldwide phenomenon, the first artist I recall on K-Pop videos is the famous PSY with his "Gangnam Style" video with more than 4 billion hits.

But it was not until the Covid quarantine, while watching so much TV and YouTube, that I came across a documentary about a K-Pop Band that caught my attention to view other videos and online concerts. Then I came across this band called Twice.

By the millions of views on their videos, it's no doubt the fan base is huge and enthusiastic, but being present at their sold-out show at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas on February 22nd gave me a new perspective. Their fans (called Once) are really an enormous part of the whole experience. The way the audience is engaged with the 3-hour show is stunning. Now, they didnt sing and dance for 3 straight hours, the band had few pauses for wardrobe changes and filled with awesome visual scenography.

The one thing missing was a live band, replaced by music tracks. In the past, they had live music at their concerts, still all the choreography was spot on, as well as the video and light design. Everything about this production was world class and a big part of their North America Tour.

Twice is a girl pop band with 9 members, most of them are from South Korea, yet they have a couple of members from Japan, 1 from Taiwan and 1 fellow Texan! (San Antonio to be exact). Each girl has different roles in the band, some are more skilled at dancing, others on singing and others are the rappers. Everything around the concert is perfectly planned and executed, besides the encore where they looked more relax without following specific choreographies.

Some of the fans favorite songs performed at this show; "Fancy", "I Cant Stop Me", "What Is Love", "Knock Knock", "Dance The Night Away", "More And More". Do checkout their amazing Official Video productions that are on YouTube. While my life revolves around Rock, Reggae, Ska, Punk, etc, Twice has definitely won a spot in my music heart.

We would like to send our Thank You to Live Nation and Whitney Blake at Dickies Arena for their help getting the JAM Magazine staff setup to review this show. Another awesome event to hit the DFW area!

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Author & Photographer: Fabien Castro
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