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Sold Out Show Left Fans Wanting More

Yelawolf was the sole act and took the stage with his long-time accomplice, DJ Klever. Yelawolf began the set with a hard-hitting, heavily DJ-inspired song "Outer Space." From the start, Yelawolf was very close to and interactive with the crowd, taking time to thank his new and long-time fans.

The rapper urged the crowd to sing A Capella on "You and Me" in the beautifully lit and remodeled Tower Theater as the sound reverberated throughout the venue. Wolf then paused the show to promote his Whiskey Creek Water before singing "Empty Bottles."

Yelawolf played many older hits off of his 'Trunk Muzik 0 to 60' album, including "Daddy's Lambo," "Pop the Trunk" and "Catfish Billy" off his 'Trunk Muzik Returns' album.In addition, hits off his 'Love Story' album seemed to be crowd favorites including "Till its Gone" from the show Sons of Anarchy, and "Empty Bottles." He spoke briefly about his wife, Fefe Dobson, before playing "Tennessee Love."

Yelawolf also paid homage to his mentor, former boss and collaborator, Eminem for providing an opportunity and his first major record deal after the record "Best Friend" featuring Eminem. He briefly spoke about the new rock album with Shooter Jennings and showing respect to his friend, Jelly Roll, for rising so far in the music business. His mother 'Mama Wolf' later joined him on stage, with Yelawolf directing the crowd saying "I love you Mama Wolf!!" The crowd cheered as he lovingly embraced her.

Yelawolf, aka M.W.A. made Oklahoma City feel like family; at one point engaging the crowd to ask if he should move here. Yelawolf also asked the crowd to tell 10 more people to help sell out a larger venue next time. The crowd overwhelmingly agreed to fulfill his wishes.

Oklahoma loved Yelawolf and he reciprocated in kind. Every fan is now anxiously waiting on his return.

On a personal note, as we walked into a sold-out show at the Tower Theater, my family was personally greeted "Mama Wolf". Yelawolf's mother was part of the show and mingled with the crowd and greeted fans. She met two of my children, and now Yelawolf's youngest fans, Cash (age seven) and Macy Miller (age six) and took pictures with them to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Special thanks to the Tower Theater for their help.

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Author: Matt Miller
Photographer: Vernon L. Gowdy, III
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