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Yngwie Does Dallas
Yngiw Malmsteen December 16, 2021 Amplified Live Photo by Michelle Johnson

The Metal Gods have been good to Yngwie Malmsteen. His performance at Amplified Live in Dallas Texas was an amazingly powerful guitar fueled example of what heavy-metal music fans love to experience. Although sometimes manic and off the main stream charts, Yngwie managed to outdo himself this time around. It is not every day that you see a heavy metal soloist hold down the lead work and singing melodic arrangements to perfection. In addition, the vocal stylings were a true to the neo-classical rock operas of the past.

He totally wowed the crowd and soothed the warriors soul. The moment he sang his first words, heads turned and the faces of the audience were fixated on his gift of expressive passion of music. No doubt Yngwie Malmsteen has stood the test of time and has proven it time and time again! The Swedish maestro has been writing and touring since the early eighties in Alcatrazz and as a solo artist. Check out his newly released 2021 full length masterpiece "Parabellum". This is what fans have been waiting for and once again he has broken barriers that have humbled the masses.

Yngwie Malmsteen
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Author & Photographer: Michelle Johnson
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